Find rogue DHCP servers!

Sorry about the lack of new content lately - life has been busy here at the adminfoo ranch. Here's a quick blurb for dhcploc, which can be handy for tracking down rogue DHCP servers.

Basically this commandline tool can run on a Windows host and send a DHCP request, then report all servers which answer. It won't actually claim the DHCP address, though. You can also leave it running for awhile and it will beep and add a new line of output anytime it sees a DHCP request or offer in the wire - all DHCP packets are broadcast so it doesn't need to make your NIC promiscuous. Output looks like this. Packet sniffing (with the right filter) using Ethereal or some such would accomplish the same goal, but dhcploc is a quick and easy tool you can have a remote user (or customer) run for you without a lot of hand-holding.

You can download dhcploc along with some other Windows diagnostic tools here.


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